2020 Annual Report – AWAC

The 2020 report provides statistics, achievements, Challenges and stories which demonstrate that indeed AWAC has been a voice for countless Female Sex Workers including those with intersecting vulnerabilities, adolescent girls and young women across the country. Considering our work, there is no doubt that our beneficiaries have found it useful to them. Ultimately our work is directed towards changing lives and helping the Female Sex Workers in this country to achieve their full potential. During this entire year, we were able to hold 86 community and stakeholder engagements; reach out to 7,108 recipients of care; 206 recipients of ART services; 1,587 recipients of HIV testing services; provided family planning services to 60 recipients; screened 648 for STIs and did appropriate referrals; reached 1,227 with PrEP; provided 83 FSWs with HIV self-testing services; 617 recipients of GBV related services and 1,030 received Mental Health Screening and services.

2019 Annual Report

Once again, I take the honour to present to you AWAC’s Annual Report, for the year 2019. This report is AWAC’s 3rd annual report and a welcome reminder of the remarkable journey of a small, but tenacious and rapidly growing organisation.
2019 continued the now established trend of AWAC growing every year in terms of quantity and quality of work, and visibility. In terms of work output, AWAC experienced immense growth and progress over the course of 2019. During the
year, AWAC finalized four research on the enforcement of laws affecting our target groups; opened a new field office in Masaka and launched it; partnered with Masaka District Local Government; expanded its office premises to include an annex and formally extended its legal aid service provision and advocacy efforts to drug users and women, girls and healthcare workers who find themselves in conflict with the law on abortion.

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