International Women’s Day -2023

Yesterday as we commemorated the International Women’s day 2023, we convened a public national community based SRHR advocacy rally (the first  ever green wave solidarity action on prevention of unsafe abortions, led by Female sex workers with feminist organizations, and other human rights organizations in the civil society fraternity in Africa), to engage communities and stakeholders from different territories-of-power and authoritative positions to spotlight the eminent danger emanating from the continued abandonment of critical SRH issues ruining minoritized women’s reproductive and maternal health such as unsafe abortions, and inadequate access to contraception services in Uganda. For years, reproductive justice is one of the most contested areas of focus in human rights that has remained cloaked in the society’s earlier unconcealed yokes of moral edges and the disruptive shade of the structural marginalization of sexual reproductive health and rights.  But if we don’t talk about it and merit our attenti on towards its invisible slow-motion disaster, then who can expose its ever intensifying danger to reproductive and maternal health of women, especially those at the society’s periphery like the female sex workers? Your guess for this unionized corporate responsibility is as good as ours!

#BurstTheStigmaOnReproductiveRights    #AWACHerLegacyInitiative

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