A Snippet

The 2020 Report on the Protection and Violation of Human Rights of Sex workers
in Uganda examines the protection and violation of the rights of sex workers by
state actors and non-state actors in the year 2020.
The report is based on cases documented by Human Rights Awareness and
Promotion Forum (HRAPF), both through the central legal aid clinic and the regional
legal aid centres, the Alliance for Women Advocating for Change (AWAC) and the
wide network of HRAPF trained community paralegals. HRAPF currently operates
a countrywide network of legal aid service provision, with regional centres in each of
the four major regions of the country, specialised legal aid desks hosted by different
organisations and the network of HRAPF trained community paralegals.

More about this report, follow this: link https://www.hrapf.org/index.php/resources/violation-reports/216-sex-workers-violations-report-2020/file